I do not look for any kind of inner excavation in representing the subject. Either painting, video or photography, the subject, a character or an inanimate object, is always important for me, it is never casual. But I entrust to it a wider message that overshoots the subject itself.

Each of my subjects is what it is. However, its value of witnesses goes beyond the borders fixed by the languages and the cultural back-grounds. In the photograph, memory relies on the freeze-frame. The photograph has got the strength of a quotation, it warns us like a saying, it stops us at the actual moment but it promises us the becoming. My latest photographs are enveloped in a lyrical, rarefied atmosphere, far from the realism.

It does not matter the departure, but the journey. A journey where the way is open and crossed by a fluid sound in which you can get lost, turn your back and leave your trusts and neurosis. The image sends us to a world of which we have experience, although it makes us possible not to accept the reality like it appears to us.


I turn my back and look at you through the eye of the other
I cut maps and scatter them around the room
I make little boats with the newspaper pages
I keep my back turned and show the other face
I come into my box and find the void.